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  • Sweet Skunk Automatic- Royal Queen Seeds
  • Sweet Skunk Automatic- Royal Queen Seeds


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The Sweet Skunk Automatic seeds BY Royal Queen Seeds are the result of the mixture between Sweet Skunk and a specially stabilized backcross of Skunk Critical Auto. From this sum comes an autoflowering hybrid of indica predominance, able to pass from seed to adult plant in only 56 - 63 days. Lightning fast!

It is a medium sized strain, which can reach 40 - 100cm on average. In indoor cultivation, it is possible to get harvests of about 400 - 450g/m2.

A mythical genetics which preserves all the sweet, woody and spicy taste, which made the original version great. It has a 15% of THC.

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Type and genetics

The Sweet Skunk Automatic seeds of Royal Queen Seeds are this bank's attempt to preserve a strain of great success and to adapt it to a wider public. To do this, a specimen of Sweet Skunk has been crossed with a backcross phenotype of Skunk Critical Auto, thus achieving an autoflowering hybrid of indica predominance that not only retains the fantastic organoleptic qualities of its parental line, but also promotes and improves them in many occasions.

The silhouette of this plant is classic indica, with strong lower branching, thick branches in a closed structure that support robust flowers loaded with delicious resin.


Sweet Skunk Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds has a medium growth profile, making it an ideal candidate for discreet cultivation.

  • Indoors, the strain can grow between 40 - 80cm.
  • Outdoors, it can stretch up to 60 - 100cm.

Aroma and taste

The taste of Sweet Skunk Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds is an intensified reminder of the original strain. The scent is muted in the flowers, which, however, spill into the air with a brief, casual touch. Upon approach, the curious grower can taste its powerful sweet, woody and spicy scent.

The smoke rises slowly, heavy and dense, as if hanging in the air of the room above the heads for a few eternal seconds to spread in the atmosphere of the room, reaching every last corner. The puff drags flavors of caramel, freshly cut wood, peppery spices and a certain lemony aftertaste .


Sweet Skunk Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds has a THC percentage of 15%. It is not a ratio that would frighten a veteran, cannabinoid-experienced grower, but it is exactly what a psychoactive-sensitive grower might be looking for: a medium-potency strain with an easily manageable influence.

The usual sensations can be perceived, at a medium - mild intensity, which will allow to continue with the daily tasks without suffering from paranoia and leverage. It is perfect for a break during the day and continue work later, or an intermission in the park to stop and watch the birds and continue the walk without accusing extra fatigue or anxiety.


Sweet Skunk Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds is ready to deliver excellent yields, improving its performance in indoor crops.

  • In indoor crops, you can expect yields of up to 400 - 450g/m2.
  • In outdoor plantations, you can expect yields of up to 60 - 110g per plant.

Flowering (complete life cycle)

Sweet Skunk Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds takes 56 - 63 days to grow from seed to ready-to-harvest adult plant.

Sativa/Indica ratio

10% Sativa - 60% Indica - 30% Ruderalis


  • THC 15%.

La Huerta's opinion

The Sweet Skunk Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds is a strain that adapts successfully, getting a fast growing plant with a good productivity and unmistakable flavor.

It's recommended for all types of growers, especially indoor growers and urban growers using terraces or balconies. Also to growers who flee from too high concentrations of THC.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Autoflowering seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Medium effect
Lemon flavour
Spiced flavour
Sweet/candy flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Wooden flavour
Skunk - Critical strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Ideal for extracts

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