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Royal Queen Seeds' Royal Highness seeds are the product of the union of two very special strains such as Respect and Dancehall. From this union comes a feminized hybrid rich in CBD and sativa dominant, able to reach its final stage in only 63 - 70 days of flowering.

This strain has a medium growth profile, being able to reach heights around 60 - 110cm, on average. In indoor plantations, yields of about 550 - 600g per plant can be achieved, approx.

A variety created especially for therapeutic cultivation, establishing itself in a ratio 1:1 THC - CBD at 14% and maintaining an excellent taste of sweet, citrus and earthy fruits.

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Type and genetics

Royal Queen Seeds' Royal Highness seeds represent the effort of the breeders of this prestigious bank to obtain a cannabis strain intended for medicinal and therapeutic cultivation, without neglecting the quality of a truly luxurious parental line. Thus, the mixture of Respect(Juanita la Lagrimosa x Cannalope Haze), known for its high production of CBD and the Spanish Dancehall 24. Their union results in a feminized sativa-dominant hybrid, perfect for the therapeutic grower.

Despite the sativa dominance, the plant develops in an indica style, with strong stems and multiple lower branches, which support large flowers at their tips, bathed in white and fragrant resin.


Royal Queen Seeds' Royal Highness is a medium profile strain. It is suitable for planting worldwide and in any growing system of the grower's choice, such as soil, rockwool, coconut fiber, aeroponic, hydroponic, etc..

  • In indoor crops, the plant can grow between 60 - 100cm
  • In outdoor plantations, this strain can stretch between 80 - 110cm.

Aroma and taste

The original and intense terpenoid profile of Royal Queen Seeds' Royal Highness is one of its strong points. The scent emanated by its flowers, tops the expectations of the grower who inspects them, revealing olfactory impressions that run along sugary and fruity paths, perfect for approaching the grower even to aromatherapy.

The smoke emerges fresh and rises, showing little permanence in the air, but expanding its essence to the last corner. The wisps develop vertically, showing blue reflections. The puff drags fruity, sugary, citrus flavors such as tangerine and a wild aftertaste that rounds out the experience.


Royal Queen Seeds Royal Highness has a 1:1 balance between its main cannabinoids. Thus, a percentage of 14% THC and 14% CBD is counted. The strain is not completely devoid of psychoactive effect, however, it is very mild, barely noticeable by initiated growers.

This factor is very beneficial for therapeutic growers who wish to continue their daily activities after taking their medicine, without distortion of reality, paranoia or other influences from more potent strains. These percentages are low, but they continue to work and provide a noticeable state of relaxation, relieve bodily ailments and provide good mood, as well as serving the therapeutic causes of medicinal growers.


The yields offered by Royal Queen Seeds' Royal Highness, already generous in themselves, can be enhanced by cultivation techniques or the addition of premium fertilizer products.

  • In indoor plantations, yields of 550 - 600g/m2 can be
  • expected.
  • In outdoor crops, it is possible to achieve up to 425 - 475g per plant.

Flowering in indoor crops

It will take between 63 - 70 days of flowering to get a harvest of fully formed and ripe flowers.

Flowering in outdoor crops

In outdoor crops, you can pass the shears at the beginning of October.

Percentage sativa/indica

60% sativa - 40% indica.


  • THC 14% CBD
  • 14

La Huerta's opinion

The Royal Highness of Royal Queen Seeds is a strain oriented mainly to the medicinal and therapeutic grower, with good productive capacity, outstanding taste and equal ratios THC - CBD (1:1).

It is recommended for medicinal and therapeutic growers, who wish to start producing their own medicine, as it is also a strain without complications for its cultivation. It can also be recommended to growers sensitive to the high percentages of psychoactives of other current genetics.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Feminized seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More sativa (stimulating)
Flowering time
Long Flowering (+65 days)
Soft effect
Citric flavour
Mandarine flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Diesel strain
Haze strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Medicinal marihuana

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