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The Skunk Dream CBD seeds of Sensi Seeds Research adapt one of the most famous genetics of this bank, which is added to the varieties with medicinal purpose. By crossing its Sensi Skunk and the Alpine Delight CBD, we obtain a feminized hybrid of sativa predominance which will need between 70 - 75 days of flowering to continue with the harvest phase.

It is a strain with a medium-low growth profile, which can stretch up to 80 - 120cm, approx. In indoor crops, you can expect harvests of between 550 - 600g/m2.

A plant designed for medicinal growing, with good adaptation to the environment, easy to grow, with fantastic floral flavor, spicy and fuel aftertaste. Its cannabinoid balance proposes it as a 1:2 strain, with 0.6% THC and 17% CBD.

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Type and genetics

Skunk Dream CBD seeds from Sensi Seeds Research provide a good possibility of therapeutic self-cultivation for growers who wish to follow an alternative treatment, which must be recommended by a competent medical authority, in a unique and exclusive way.

By mixing one of the most famous and respected strains of its catalog, the Sensi Skunk, with the aromatic Alpine Delight CBD, a feminized hybrid of sativa predominance is achieved , valid for therapeutic use in values 1:2.

Although its predominance leans towards the sativa, its morphology is typical of an indica. It is possible to observe the central branches in the shape of lance in whose tip appear dense flowers loaded with dense odorous resin.


The Skunk Dream CBD seeds of Sensi Seeds Research have a medium profile. The genetics of the house is prepared to deliver generous harvests without the grower having to provide too much care. It is recommended for use in any growing system of choice.

  • The plant can grow around 80 - 120cm, approx.

Aroma and taste

One of the main characteristics of Skunk Dream CBD from Sensi Seeds Research is the preservation of the terpenoid profile of its predecessor which leaves intact a unique flavor. Its scent is perceptible in the air of the grow room and the olfactory sensations jump to the nose of the curious grower, running sweet and spicy paths .

The smoke emerges fresh and dense, with good permanence in the air of the room. The puff drags from flavors of the purest skunk style, with woody traces and spicy expressions, floral symphonies and a hint of hydrocarbon that leaves its aftertaste in the mouth until after a few hours.


The Skunk Dream CBD of Sensi Seeds Research is a strain with values 1:2, defined by a 0.6 of THC and a 17% of CBD. Taking into account these values, it is advisable to check the legislation of the country where the grower is located, since it is a totally legal strain in many countries, given the percentage of psychoactive cannabinoid.

Without any appreciable psychotropic effect, this variety provides a relaxing sensation that invades the body, relaxing the muscles loaded with the daily pressure to give way to a stage of conscious relaxation.

Its 1:2 ratio can be used in alternative therapies to address certain ailments such as insomnia, neuropathic pain or some types of epilepsy, among others, always under professional and authorized medical recommendation .


The Skunk Dream CBD genetics of Sensi Seeds Research is intended to develop plants capable of XXL harvests.

  • Indoors, the plants can produce around 550 - 600/m2.
  • Outdoors, these strains can give harvests of 100 - 200g per plant approx.

Flowering in indoor crops

It will take 70 - 75 days of flowering to reach a harvest of mature flowers.

Flowering in outdoor crops

In outdoor plantations, the beginning of the harvest will be marked in the middle of October .

Percentage sativa/indica

70% sativa - 30% indica


  • THC 0.6% CBD
  • 17

La Huerta's opinion

Skunk Dream CBD from Sensi Seeds Research is a strain for medicinal growing, with high percentages of CBD and pleasant taste.

It is especially recommended for therapeutic growers looking to follow a treatment only recommended by a medical authority, or for growers looking for a mild strain.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
CBD Seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More sativa (stimulating)
Flowering time
Long Flowering (+65 days)
Soft effect
Diesel flavour
Flowery flavour
Spiced flavour
Skunk - Critical strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
High yield
Medicinal marihuana

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