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Strawberry Cola Sherbet F1 FV by Sweet Seeds
  • Strawberry Cola Sherbet F1 FV by Sweet Seeds
  • Strawberry Cola Sherbet F1 FV by Sweet Seeds


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Sweet Seeds' Strawberry Cola Sherbet F1 FV seeds are the result of the union of genetics such as Sunset Sherbet and Strawberry Cola Auto, from which the fastest and most productive strains (FF) have been selected, giving rise to a first generation hybrid (F1) of indica predominance and that is able to be ready for harvest in just 49 days of flowering. At full speed! It is not an auto variety so it needs the period of growth that you want to give it.

The strain has a medium-low growth profile, being able to reach average heights between 60 - 90cm. In indoor crops you can obtain harvests between 450 - 500g/m2.

  • A strain with an enormous productivity, which can present phenotypes with vivid reddish and violet colors. It has a fantastic taste of red fruits and cola, which is completed with a THC percentage of 20%.
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Type and genetics

Strawberry Cola Sherbet F1 FV from Sweet Seeds is the result of an innovative cross between genetics and the subsequent selection of the fastest and best performing phenotypes. An authentic prodigy fruit of the techniques of the expert breeders of this famous bank.

By mixing Sunset Sherbet and Strawberry Cola Auto,we have obtained a hybrid "Fast Version" (FV) and indica-dominant, which retains not only the organoleptic qualities that triumphed in its parental line. In addition, it promotes productivity and terpenoid profile, which gives it that special aroma and flavor.

The fast flowering, early version, quick, or just fast genetics are characterized by being strains created from the cross between an autoflowering genetics and a photodependent phenotype. This mixture results in a strain that shortens the harvest time between one and two weeks, compared to the usual genetics.

The early version varieties also have a series of advantages derived from these periods, less use of material and energy resources, less affection of fungi and insect pests, among other qualities highly appreciated by growers in cold climates or those who seek to take advantage of the ease of cultivation.

The plant develops in the style of the Indica, with powerful lower branches and sturdy stems that hold robust, dense flowers covered with avalanches of white and aromatic resin.


The growth profile of this strain is medium - high. It is recommended for use both indoors and outdoors, whatever the growing medium selected, such as substrate, rockwool, hydroponics, aeroponics, etc..

  • The Strawberry Cola Sherbet F1 FV by Sweet Seeds can reach 60 - 90cm in good growing conditions.

Aroma and taste

The Strawberry Cola Sherbet F1 FV by Sweet Seeds has a unique terpene profile that can be discovered by inspecting one of its numerous flowers. The scent that spills into the environment, stimulates sugary and seductive olfactory sensations .

The smoke arises dense and heavy, rising slowly above the heads and expanding to the farthest corners of the room. The puff carries flavors of cola, fresh lemon, red fruits and autumn forest floor .


The Strawberry Cola Sherbet F1 FV from Sweet Seeds has a THC percentage of 20%, high, but within the average of what current cannabis strains offer. Even so, a huge percentage for a plant of autoflowering profile.

The influence of psychoactives provides a relaxing sensation on a physical and mental level. The brain receives a discharge of positive energy, eliminating worries, tensions and sadness .

The physical body is freed from the stress accumulated in the day to day and is free for relaxation and rest, flowing inside a stream of peace and tranquility.


The Strawberry Cola Sherbet F1 FV from Sweet Seeds is a strain prepared to provide excellent harvests even for a plant of its growth profile.

  • In indoor crops, it can generate up to 450 - 600g/m2
  • . In outdoor plantations, it is possible to expect around 400 - 650g per plant.


Strawberry Cola Sherbet F1 FV from Sweet Seeds takes only 49 days to complete flowering, apart from the vegetative period.

Percentage sativa/indica

20% sativa - 80% indica


  • THC 20%.

La Huerta's opinion

The Strawberry Cola Sherbet F1 FV from Sweet Seeds is a strain of compact size, very manageable, with good production and excellent taste.

It can be recommended to any type of grower, especially to outdoor growers who can take advantage of its special qualities. Also to growers who love colorful marijuana, because the bank ensures a 75% chance of getting a reddish phenotype with dark reflections.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Autoflowering seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Strong effect
Berry flavor
Citric flavour
Earthy flavour
Pine Flavor
Sweet/fruity flavour
Cookies strain
Diesel strain
Kush strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Variedad temprana

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