Within the world of cannabis paraphernalia, there’s an endless amount of brands designed to produce high quality cannabis accessories and high in quality. This section has some of the best brands in the sector, from renowned paper and accessory brands, to legendary vape manufacturers in the world of cannabis.


Raw is a world-renowned brand thanks to their iconic smoking papers, which started out in Spain in 2005. This company is known for creating smoking papers without any additives, which makes it the preferred brand by consumers all over the world.

Here you can find from typical small rolling paper packs to large, Supernatural RAW Packs, which are 30cm in size, as well as large cones, papers and tips. RAW is also capable of creating all types of accessories such as trays, lighters, wooden boxes and even tools for extracting Rosin such as RAW's parchment paper.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, RAW has what you need. Plus, their products also have amazing designs such as the Zombie rolling tray or the RAW anti-odour bag.

Other Paper Brands

In addition, La Huerta Grow Shop offers many different renowned rolling paper brands, from flavoured-paper brands to manufacturers specialized in making high quality blunts.

  • Cyclones makes pre-rolled cones with tips rolled in so that you can make your own blunts at home without any issues. Their hemp cones are made out of hemp and don’t contain tobacco or nicotine for a healthier experience, and they’ve available in a wide range of flavours for a unique experience.
  • Juicy Hemp Wraps are blunt papers, also made out of hemp, available in various flavours, both tropical flavours and natural flavours for a great experience from your buds. If you want to consume cannabis with a bit more style, you can check out our 24k Shine Gold paper, ideal for special occasions, which come in a pre-rolled 24 karat cone.


If you’re looking for a tabletop vaporizer, you can check out sector leaders such as Storz & Bickel, a German vaporizer manufacturer that started out in 1996. Stors & Bickel created the legendary Volcano vape, which is considered the best tabletop vape on the market.

Their vaporizers are world-renowned, and are available in various formats such as Volcano Classic, Volcano Digital and Volcano Hybrid, designed to attend to the needs of all types of consumers. If you need any replacements for your volcano vape, you can also find all types of spares and parts, from balloons with easy valve adaptors, and solid valve kits to spare mouthpieces and replacement bags.

Da Vinci

On the other hand, if you need a portable, efficient, compact and discreet vaporizer, Da Vinci has what you’re looking for. This US portable vape manufacturer has won many prized over the years thanks to their high-quality products; they take great measures to ensure efficiency and functionality as well as aesthetics and accessibility.

The Da Vinci Miqro is one of the smallest portable vaporizers on the market, ideal for consumers looking for discretion and easy transport when it comes to vaping your buds. Available in different colours, these devices also offer temperature adjustment and intelligent vaporizing results.

If you’re looking for a vaporizer looking to vape extracts and cannabis too, you can try the Da Vinci IQ 2 model, which is considered one of this brands’ best devices, as it’s entirely adjustable; from airflow to the temperature using an app on your phone for easy configuration.

Vaporizers for E-Liquids

As well as stocking various different cannabis and extract vapes, La Huerta Grow Shop also has some of the best e-cigarettes and e-liquid vapes on the market. For example, Joyetech is a company based in Shenzen which manufactures eGo AIO e-liquid vapes, the ideal e-cig for those looking for an affordable, high-quality device.

Smok Tech is another specialized brand when it comes to manufacturing e-cigarettes with their e-liquid vaporizer, Smok Novo, which works via atomizer pods and produces a delicious, clean vapor; ideal for carrying around. They also have Smok Rolo Badges, vaping kits which are super easy to use, super light and can hold up to 2ml.

Cali Terpenes

If you need to find cannabis-flavoured or CBD-rich e-liquids, check out our Cali Terpenes section.

Here you can find the best terpene e-liquids designed to imitate the flavour of your favourite strains, such as AK 47, Amnesia and Gelato e-liquids, among many more. If you’re looking for CBD-rich e-liquids for medicinal, recreational or therapeutic purposes, they also have a wide catalogue of CBD e-liquids and terpene-rich e-liquids such as Jamaican Dream, Lavender, Sour Diesel and many more.

If you prefer making your own CBD e-liquids at home, Cali Terpenes also has an e-liquid base with CBD and a wide range of terpenes that replicate cannabis flavours perfectly.

More Renowned Brands

La Huerta Grow Shop offers a wide range of cannabis brands, putting everything you need at your disposal, from Jilter filters and Jano filters for a softer experience, to trays and ashtrays with unique designs and brands such as Simply Green and V Syndicate; check out our catalogue and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

If you have any questions regarding these brands, their products, and how to use them, get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of experts and we’ll help you out.

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