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V Syndicate

V Syndicate is a company based in California that manufactures paraphernalia and accessories for smoking. Ever since they appeared back in 2010, V Syndicate is heavily involved in innovative techniques, which has made it one of the leading companies in their respective sector.

An Award-Winning Beginning

V Syndicate has always put a lot of effort into creating an original product. Their first design, the Grinder Card, won the prize for product of the year in the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, a prize that they won again in 2013 in the Kush Expo, Anaheim, California.

The Grinder Card is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and metal grinders. This product only contains 5% metal, and it works as well as a normal grinder and can last forever.

In 2015, well aware of changes within the sector, the technicians at V Syndicate innovated with the creation of the Dabit Card, a card grinder which comes with 4 tools for handling extracts.

Four years later, they came back with a surprise, with their glass rolling trays.

As of today, V Syndicate has commercial offices in the USA, Canada, and the Netherlands, where they distribute their products throughout Europe.

V Syndicate’s Key to Success

In no time at all, this brand has made themselves a home in the cannabis industry thanks to the following reasons:

  • They put a lot of effort towards designing and innovating their products constantly in order to make sure they’re well accepted on the market.
  • They’re constantly working in order to design new versatile and unique accessories that allow consumers to enjoy consuming while also representing themselves.
  • In their constant search for increasing their reach, V Syndicate has licensing agreements and has worked alongside stars such as Cheech and Chong, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa.

V Syndicate Products in La Huerta Grow Shop

Our store has a wide range of some of the best V Syndicate products at the cheapest price.

Card Grinder

  • Card Grinders are made out of medical-grade stainless steel which is rust resistant; a fast, safe and discrete solution.
  • The teeth on the card allow you to easily shred your cannabis without damaging your fingers.
  • Card Grinders come in different designs for different shredding preferences depending on the size of the teeth.
  • Card grinders are much easier to carry around and they’re always ready to go, and thanks to their design they’ll get through all security checks.
  • They're the same size as a credit card (85 x 55mm), making them super easy to carry.
  • Available in 7 models: Joker, Rasta Leaf, Rasta Lion, Skull, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat and Twins.

Dabit Card

If, as well as cannabis flowers, you also enjoy Rosin and BHO extracts, you can go for the Dabit Card, which comes with a card grinder and four tools made out of surgical grade steel, allowing you to easily and comfortably handle your extracts and concentrates.

Plus, this kit includes a silicone case so that you can keep it safe and easily carry your tools around.

Glass Rolling Trays

In the year 2019, V Syndicate surprised the entire cannabis sector once again when they released their glass trays.

These trays are made out of thick tempered glass, a clean and comfortable surface in order to work easily with your precious flowers.

They're 16 x 12 cm in size and have a high quality printed design in order to guarantee durability, even when used extensively.

Among their glass rolling trays, some of the best in our catalogue are:

  • Stoned Chameleon Rolling Tray, which has an image of a chameleon with its tongue out and red eyes sitting on a cannabis leaf.
  • Hamsa Rolling Tray, with an image of the Hamsa hand, also known as the Hand of Mirian or the Hand of Fatima, a protective symbol commonly used in North Africa and the Middle East.

If you have any questions regarding these products made by V Syndicate, get in touch with our store where you’ll find plenty of personnel ready to help out.

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