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Electronic Ballasts


Electronic Ballasts

Electronic Ballasts

Why Do I Need an Electronic Ballast in my Indoor Grow?

Ballasts are used to power HPS, MH and LEC grow lights with stable results.

Without a ballast you can’t use HPS, MH and LEC grow lights.

What Ballast to Use in My Grow Tent

The ballast you use needs to be the same wattage as your bulb and compatible with its technology.

HPS and MH grow lights can be used with the same ballast as long as they’re the same wattage. For example, you can grow using a 400w MH bulb for the veg period and then use a 400w HPS for the flowering period without needing to change the ballast out. HPS and MH grow lights can be used with electronic ballasts although they’re the only kind that can be used with magnetic ballasts.

750w and 1000w Double Ended electronic ballasts are v400 high frequency.

Magnetic or Electronic Ballasts?

Magnetic and electronic ballasts use different types of technologies.

Magnetic or analog ballasts generate a magnetic field using copper or aluminium thread around a metal core alongside an ignitor and a condenser.


  • Does what it's supposed to.
  • Cheap.


  • Produces a lot of noise and heat
  • Less safe than electronic ballasts
  • Consumes more electricity
  • Heavier

Electronic ballasts work via a circuit that controls a microprocessor – the differences between this model and a magnetic ballast are enormous.


  • Silent.
  • Less electric use.
  • Safer.
  • Thermal protection against start-up failures and short-circuits.
  • Soft start-up technology.
  • Hot-light detection system that prolongs the bulbs’ lifespan.
  • Higher light efficiency – reduces blinking which improves lighting by 30%.


These models are slightly more expensive than magnetic models, although you can make up for this by saving on your electric bills.

What Electronic Ballast Should You Use for Indoor Growing

We have a wide range of electronic ballasts that can work well with various different growing setups. Our catalogue has:

Lazerlite 600w Ballast by Pure Light – Electronic ballast for HPS and HM grow lights, latest gen and highly affordable.

  • Comes with a dimmer: 250w – 400w – 600w and Super Lumen.

High performing Bolt Ballast for HPS and HM.

  • Dimmer with 50%, 65%, 600w and Super Lumen.

Lumatek electronic ballast for HPS and MH lights. Available in:

  • 250w plus Super Lumen, dimmable to 175w and 150w.
  • 400w plus Super Lumen, dimmable to 300w and 250w.
  • 600w plus Super Lumen, dimmable to 450w and 400w.
  • 1000w plus Super Lumen, dimmable to 600w and 750w

Hellion UHF 600 750w v400 by Adjust A wings to be used with 750w Double Ended bulbs. They can  be used with Adjust a Wing reflectors.

  • Dimmer – 450w – 600w – 750w
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