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Original Auto Blueberry seeds from Fast Buds are the autoflowering version of this genetics that dominated the Dutch coffee shops in the 90s. By crossing a Blueberry Line and a specially selected Ruderalis for its productivity and resistance, an autoflowering hybrid predominantly indica is achieved that takes only 65 days to complete its entire life cycle.

It is a medium-sized plant, capable of growing between 70-110cm. In indoor crops, harvests of between 400-500g/m2 can be achieved.

A fantastic strain that preserves the original organoleptic profile, with the full flavor of berries and flowers, and an impressive 22% THC content.

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Type and genetics

Original Auto Blueberry seeds from Fast Buds are the celebrated bank's response to adapting one of the most legendary genetics of all time to the autoflowering format, one of their specialties.

Through the cross between the Blueberry Line and a special phenotype of Ruderalis, Fast Buds introduces an auto hybrid with predominantly indica traits that can adapt perfectly to the chosen cultivation system and reach the moment of harvesting ripe fruits in record time.

This plant has a typical indica silhouette, with good lateral branching, especially at the bottom. The strong branches will support the large cone-shaped flowers coated with aromatic and sticky resin.


Original Auto Blueberry seeds from Fast Buds have a medium profile. They are prepared to offer generous harvests to growers who are able to provide them with all the care the plant needs. They are recommended for any cultivation system that can be chosen.

  • The plant can reach an average height of 70-110cm.

Aroma and flavor

The delicious essence of the Original Auto Blueberry from Fast Buds can be subtly perceived as it floats around the plant in the cultivation room. When the light rays directly impact the flowers, the olfactory sensations transport the grower to a very characteristic floral symphony. This is one of the main reasons why this variety has gained historical relevance in the cannabis world, due to the excellent quality of its aroma and flavor.

The smoke rises with great elegance, in white, dense, and heavy spirals that linger in the air. Its sweet forest fruit flavor contrasts with the floral undertones that will leave their trace in the mouth for several hours.


Original Auto Blueberry from Fast Buds is a variety with a notable THC percentage of 22%. It is potent but accessible for most beginner growers.

The sensations produced by this strain are quickly perceived, filling the nervous system with a noticeable relaxation while keeping the mind clear, without paranoia, another important aspect when cultivating this genetic.

This quality, very attractive for people who are sensitive or have issues with THC, allows, for example, sitting down to read a book while enjoying the lightness of a physical body that leaves behind the worries and tensions of daily life to focus on simple and rewarding tasks.


The Original Auto Blueberry from Fast Buds is capable of offering good harvests to the grower, who can enjoy good results with minimal care.

  • In indoor crops, harvests of up to 400-500g/m2 can be expected.
  • In outdoor plantations, it is possible to obtain 50-150g per plant.

Flowering (complete life cycle)

Original Auto Blueberry from Fast Buds is ready to go from seed to fully grown plant ready for harvest in just 65 days.

Sativa/Indica percentage

Predominantly indica.


  • THC 22%

La Huerta's Opinion

The Original Auto Blueberry from Fast Buds is a plant with legendary genetics, good production, an exceptionally fast growth profile, and an unforgettable premium flavor.

It is recommended for all types of growers, especially for indoor cultivators who can take advantage of the plant's full potential. It can also be recommended to urban growers looking for a discreet strain to fill their balcony or terrace cultivation space.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Autoflowering seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Strong effect
Berry flavor
Flowery flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Blue strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow

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