Banana Kush Cake from Sensi Seeds Research
  • Banana Kush Cake from Sensi Seeds Research


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The Banana Kush Cake seeds from Sensi Seeds Research are the result of mixing genetics as special as Banana Kush and the super famous Wedding Cheesecake. This mix generates a feminized hybrid of indica predominance that only needs 49 - 63 days of flowering to pass to the harvest phase.

This variety has a medium growth profile, being able to stretch up to 90 - 110cm, approx. In indoor crops, the strain is capable of producing yields of around 500g/m2.

A strain with a huge fruity flavor and a velvety cheesy taste, with a THC percentage of 26%.

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Type and genetics

The Banana Kush Cake seeds of Sensi Seeds Research are the result of the efforts of the breeders of this bank to get a strain that brings together the best of its parents promoting a wild banana flavor. Thus, from the union of Banana Kush and the well-known Wedding Cake comes this feminized indica-dominant hybrid with all the characteristics of the legendary Kush, strong flavor and aroma, good percentage of THC and resistance to fungi and insects.

The morphology of this strain stands out for its strong lower branches, useful to support its powerful pyramid-shaped flowers, bathed in white resin and aromatic, like any indica, in short internodal spaces and great ease to adapt to cultivation techniques.


The growth profile of the Banana Kush Cake of Sensi Seeds Research is medium. It is suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors and using any system, such as substrate, coconut fiber, hydroponics, and so on.

  • The strain can stretch between 90 - 110cm, approx.

Aroma and taste

One of the most appreciated points of the Banana Kush Cake from Sensi Seeds Research is its terpene profile that gives it the flavors that the grower is looking for. The scent given off by the flowers of this variety is perceptible and easily recognizable. It floats in the grow room above other varieties, being identified instantly with sweet and earthy olfactory sensations, somewhat woody.

The smoke emerges dense and heavy, rising slowly above the heads. The puff conveys an intense flavor of banana, dark earth stirred with the hands and citrus touches rounded by peppery spices, which will place the grower in the middle of a tropical paradise.


The Banana Kush Cake from Sensi Seeds Research is a plant with a THC percentage of 26%. Although this is a potent ratio, it is usually manageable for most veteran growers.

The sensations conveyed by this variety are pleasant and euphoric, flooding the nervous system with waves of positive energy that will put the laughter muscle to work. The physical body relaxes, relaxes and enters a pleasant state of tranquility and stillness, in which the limbs seem to gain weight while a warm and friendly impression envelops everything.


Banana Kush Cake from Sensi Seeds Research is a strain with extraordinary productive capacity in any growing system.

  • In indoor crops, yields of about 500g/m2
  • can be found.
  • In outdoor plantations, the yield of this genetics can reach 650g per plant.

Flowering in indoor crops

Between 49 - 63 days of flowering are necessary to obtain a harvest at its peak.

Flowering in outdoor crops

In outdoor plantations it is possible to harvest in early to mid October.

Percentage sativa/indica

35% sativa - 65% indica.


  • THC 26%
  • CBD 0.2%


La Huerta's opinion

Banana Kush Cake from Sensi Seeds Research is a strain with good yields and excellent premium taste and a huge THC percentage.

It is recommended to any type of grower, especially outdoor grow ers with the necessary knowledge to maximize the productivity of a plant that is already very productive. Thanks to its resistance against bad weather and pests, it is also an excellent plant for first-time growers who require a fail-safe strain.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Feminized seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Average Flowering (55-65 days)
Potent effect
Banana flavour
Citric flavour
Earthy flavour
Spiced flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Tropical flavour
Diesel strain
Haze strain
Kush strain
Skunk - Critical strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
High yield

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