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Lemon Haze Auto from Barney's Farm
  • Lemon Haze Auto from Barney's Farm


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Lemon Haze Auto seeds from Barney's Farm represent the adaptation and development of a high quality strain, aimed at a wider public. This variety is born from the union between a specially selected phenotype of Lemon Haze and the BF Super Auto #1. This way, an autoflowering hybrid of sativa predominance is born , which completes its life cycle from seed to mature plant in only 65 - 70 days.

This strain has a medium to high growth profile, reaching an average height of 90-120 cm. In indoor plantations XXL results of 500 - 550g/m2 approx. can be achieved.

A strain that has earned a place in the Star System cannabis, finally adapted to the fast format and that will make the fans vibrate with its citrus, spicy and earthy flavor, which also has a THC percentage of 20%.

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Type and genetics

The Lemon Haze Auto seeds of Barney's Farm represent the interest of this prestigious Dutch bank to maintain a genetics which is essential in a reputable dispensary. By crossing an original Lemon Haze and the exclusive Ruderalis of this bank, the BF Super Auto #1, we obtain an autoflowering hybrid of sativa predominance which preserves all the organoleptic qualities of its parents, including the combination of terpenes which gives the Haze perfume and taste which drives the growers crazy.

The morphology of this strain is revealingly sativa, with light and diversified branches in its aerial part. Wide internodal spaces that accumulate stratified and pyramidal shaped buds, populated with resin glands working 24/7 in the production of sticky and aromatic resin.


The Lemon Haze Auto of Barney's Farm is a variety of medium - high profile. It is suitable for planting worldwide and in any growing system of the grower's choice.

  • In indoor crops, it can stretch up to 90 - 110cm.
  • In outdoor plantations, it can reach 90 - 120cm.

Aroma and taste

The great asset of the Lemon Haze Auto of Barney's Farm is its fantastic flavor, transferred from the original strain to its fast version without leaving anything by the way. Although the presence of the perfume is not too intense in the living plant, a small touch to one of the calyxes spills its essences to the air, revealing spicy and fresh olfactory sensations.

The smoke is top quality, rising heavily over the heads, twisting in elegant wisps. The puff confirms lemony citrus flavors, peppery hot spices and shaded forest earth stirred with the hands .


The Lemon Haze Auto of Barney's Farm has a THC percentage of 20%. Potent, but not uncontrollable in the hands of an experienced grower. Growers more sensitive to psychoactives may require a more careful approach.

The dormant creativity is awakened, supplying with curiosity the look of the grower who is likely to seek artistic expression. In addition, the proximity of other people will make it possible to have a pleasant and entertaining chat.

The final stretch will induce a good degree of muscular relaxation, achieving the dissolution of tensions, contractures and general discomfort.


Lemon Haze Auto from Barney's Farm is ready to give XXL harvests without too much effort, as it is a very easy to grow strain.

  • In indoor crops, you can get up to 500 - 550g/m2
  • . In outdoor plantations, you can get harvests around 180 - 250 grams per plant.

Flowering (complete life cycle)

Only 65 - 70 days will be necessary for this strain to complete its life cycle, from seed to mature plant.

Percentage sativa/indica

70% sativa - 30% indica


  • THC 20%.

La Huerta's opinion

The Lemon Haze Auto of Barney's Farm emulates a genetics of great success and adapts it to the fast format, obtaining a strain of high productivity and exquisite flavor.

It can interest any type of grower, especially indoor growers with limited space and outdoor growers in guerrilla systems, as it has good resistance to external factors.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Autoflowering seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More sativa (stimulating)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Strong effect
Citric flavour
Earthy flavour
Lemon flavour
Spiced flavour
Spicy flavour
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Ideal for extracts

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