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3 Kings terpenes by Cali Terpenes are primarily used to add aroma and taste to products such as:

• E-liquid bases

• Cannabis extractions and concentrates (rosin, distillates, hash,..)

• Hemp or cannabis flowers

*100% terpenes, 0% THC, CBD,...

Main terpenes:

Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Myrcene, Menthol, Nerolidol.


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Cali Terpenes 3 Kings Terpenes:

Cali Terpenes' 3 Kings cannabis terpene profile is a blend of botanically derived terpenes with the aromatic profile of terpenes extracted from the American cannabis strain 3 Kings, a cross of the famous strains Headband, Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Cali Terpenes' terpenes are of 100% organic plant-based origin.

For the production of the flavors (terpenes) by Cali Terpenes, certified raw materials of the best quality are used. These materials are sourced from non-GMO, pesticide-free, and non-polluting cultures.

The 3 Kings' terpenes do NOT contain cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, CBN,…).

Main Terpenes in 3 Kings:

Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Myrcene, Menthol, Nerolidol.

Terpenes' Modulation of Cannabinoids' Effects:

3 Kings' terpenes work synergistically with cannabinoids, modulating their effects and imparting a mentally stimulating and entertaining sensation, physically relaxing without being narcotic. Ideal for reducing stress, alleviating some pains and enhancing mood.

Flavor and Aroma of 3 Kings' Terpenes:

Cali Terpenes' 3 Kings terpenes have an aroma and flavor that combine earthy, citrusy Diesel, and pine-like tastes.

Uses of Cali Terpenes:

The cannabis aromas (terpene profiles) by Cali Terpenes are used for many different applications. But in the cannabis and vaping industry, they are primarily used to add the aroma and flavor of specific cannabis strains to products such as:

  • Vaping liquids (e-liquids).
  • Cannabis extracts and concentrates (rosin, BHO, traditional hash, THC or CBD distillates for making 'vape cartridges').
  • Hemp flowers or cannabis (buds).

Usage Recommendations for Cali Terpenes:

Cali Terpenes' terpenes are 100% pure, without diluents or additives. They should be handled with caution and should not be consumed undiluted (except for tastings in Cali Terpenes' borosilicate vapes).

1ml of terpenes = 40 drops (0.025ml per drop from the 1ml dropper). 1 drop of terpenes represents approximately 0.25% in 10ml of base:

  • 1 drop in 10ml = 0.25%
  • 2 drops in 10 ml = 0.50%
  • 4 drops in 10ml = 1%
  • 8 drops in 10ml = 2%
  • 12 drops in 10ml = 3%

We always recommend testing from less to more quantity on the same base, as Cali Terpenes are able to add intense taste and aroma easily, given their 100% purity.

Vaping Liquid Bases (e-liquids):

  • The recommended ratio of terpenes to give enough flavor to e-liquid bases lies between 1% and 3% of terpenes (you can use up to 4%, with 2% being the usual).
  • For instance, suppose you want to flavor 10ml of e-liquid base by adding 2% of terpenes. In that case, you should add only 0.2ml of terpenes.
  • Following the same ratio, if you have 100ml of e-liquid base, you should add 2ml of terpenes.

Cannabis Extracts and Concentrates:

  • The recommended ratio of Cali Terpenes needed to provide enough taste and aroma to dry extractions (traditional hashish or dry hash, etc.), as well as BHO (shatter, live resin, wax), rosin, THC or CBD distillates,... falls between 1% and 3% of terpenes (you can use up to a maximum of 4%, and 2% to 3% is usual).
  • For example, suppose you have 10g of a cannabis concentrate, such as distillate (commonly known as clear), and you want to add 3% terpenes. To do this, you should only add 0.3ml of our terpenes.
  • It's very helpful to test from smaller to larger quantities - for example, 1 drop for 3g, 1 drop for 2g, 1 drop for 1g... Cap off a few days for a tasting to appreciate the result of the different proportions used. This way, you'll know the ideal ratio before mixing it with all the material.
  • It's essential to create a good mix for a homogeneous result, and leave it to rest/macerate for at least 24/48 hours. This allows the terpenes to fully integrate.

How to Add Terpenes to Rosin:

How to Add Terpenes to Dry Extracts:

How to Add Terpenes to Jelly Hash:

Hemp or Cannabis Flowers:

Terpenes can also be used to flavor buds, of hemp or cannabis. It's not recommended to add more than 4% of terpenes, and in some cases, the aroma percentage to apply should be less as the flowers can contain some of their own terpenes. An excess of terpenes would result in an overly intense, possibly unpleasant aroma.

The ideal method to apply terpenes to buds, flowers, and dry herbs is Terps Spray.

If you have small quantities of buds, you can use these liquid terpenes in a cosmetic sprayer or something similar to fulfil a similar (but not professional) function as a Terps Spray. It's also possible to use scented paper with terpenes in the same container, but they are usually more integrated when sprayed, in the case of buds.

Conservation of Terpenes:

Cali Terpenes' terpene containers are perfect for a great conservation of the terpenes, as they're equipped with a safety shutter, an anti-leak disc, and a screw-top closure.

  1. Each time you finish using the product, replace all these elements to prevent potential evaporation or contamination.
  2. Terpenes are volatile elements, so we always recommend keeping them in the cold in the fridge (approx 7ºC), to prevent potential evaporation while working with them.
  3. While working with the terpenes, the temperature shouldn't exceed 60ºC, thereby preventing the evaporation of the most volatile terpenes.
  4. Always keep terpenes in their original container, as the material used (dark glass that doesn't let UV light in) is perfect for storing thermosensitive or photosensitive products. You can avoid potential color changes, losses, or cross-contaminations (terpenes can act as diluents and corrode remnants of materials such as some plastics).

Cali Terpenes' Certifications:

  • Cali Terpenes S.L. is registered as an exporting company in the FDA (Food and Drugs Association).
  • Their products comply with the European vaping regulation.


  • Award for the best post-grow product at Spannabis 2019.

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